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Marc Ekhause
Custom Homes and Renovations
Customer Reviews and Endorsements:


Todd and Melissa Oliver


Dear Marc,

As I write this letter I am at my desk in my study, in our beautiful home that you built for my family. From the very beginning the creation of this home was a great experience. You were always there with a tireless, wonderful attitude. Not only as a builder, but as an artist with inspiring ideas, exquisite taste, and practical foresight.

Everyday you were there on the job site and nothing was overlooked. Words can’t describe how happy we are with your incredible work!

I remember the first time I walked through one of your homes. It was a completely different experience from everything else we had seen. Not only was the home “Country French” from the outside, it was just as authentic on the inside! Soon I was bringing lots of people by and it was really fun to “show off” your work. We all marveled at the true attention to detail.

Marc the important point here is the great value of working with you as our private builder and the obvious and subtle differences that you put into this great place we call home!


Todd Oliver



Marc and Nancy Cooper


   Marc Ekhause Custom Renovations demolished an older bathroom and constructed a new one featuring a steam shower, heated tile floors and Cherry wood cabinets in my  80 year old house”…. “Marc took an architect’s sketch, and developed it into a beautiful modern style tiled bath with steam. He determined all the project requirements, set them up in lists with hard prices attached, and gave me some suggestions for improvements. After accepting his written contract, he took us to various vendors to search for materials. Marc began the job at 8:00 AM on the chosen day, and made progress every day thereafter. He had all materials ordered in time, and all of the subcontractors did their jobs to contract specs on time and on budget. His subcontractors were uniformly efficient and skillful. In any case, Marc checked their work as they went along, planning each step carefully with the subs, while keeping me apprised of the schedule. The bathroom looks like it comes out of a book or a HGTV design show. Fantastic work

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