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Marc Ekhause
Custom Homes and Renovations
Customer Reviews and Endorsements:


Shuan and HeeSun Moon


 Every outcome was well thought out and followed through until perfection was met. For example, the colors chosen for each room required many different samples on the walls before they were finally decided on. He was one step ahead of us and had alternative choices if we desired a different look”…. “Marc definitely has gained our respect and confidence and there will be no hesitancy when it come to recommending him to others


Anne Gardener


Marc Ekhause designed and built an extensive master bathroom remodel. This project included new plumbing, heated floor tile and a ‘Bain Ultra’ air jet tub installation. The bathroom was rearranged    resulting in extensive carpentry work. Trim, walls, ceiling and cabinets were updated. Overall, I was pleased with the process of this remodel from beginning to end. Marc designed the bathroom while integrating my taste, and 2011 trends. He used the available space in a creative way, resulting in a useful, comfortable, elegant bathroom. I appreciated  his supervision of each part of the work. He met each subcontractor at the site and explained in detail exactly what was expected. He then monitored the progress of the work so that errors could be corrected immediately. He kept the work on schedule and was able to keep me accurately informed of the schedule. There were no unreasonable delays. I couldn’t be happier with my bathroom and am now trying to decide what part of my house I want Marc to redesign next!!!

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