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Marc Ekhause
Custom Homes and Renovations
Customer Reviews and Endorsements:


Cal and Kathy LeMon


Everyone who comes through our house makes the comment, “It is so well built and the finishing touches are amazing”…. “We can sit in any room in our house and constantly be amazed with some new detail that makes coming home such and inviting idea.  We believe we have met not only an outstanding builder but an artist in Marc Ekhause.”

Endorsement: Karen and Larry Catt


“Our Dream Home was not based on a dream budget. We shared our dream ideas with Marc and he gave a very accurate estimate for both cost and time of completion. We have heard many other people say they were pleased with the original bid from their builder, but it turned out to be grossly underestimated for the quality of materials they had in mind and/or the house was completed more than 6 months later than planned. Marc didn’t tell us some low numbers just to get our business. He gave us real estimates of what out Custom Home would entail.


The quality of Marc’s workmanship is not just on the surface. The framers, electricians, tilers, etc all commented about the quality of materials Marc chose and his attention to details throughout every stage of the building process. The structure of the house is what keeps it in livable condition 30 years down the road.
Marc also has a great eye for decoration and design. The idea of a Custom Home lies in the personal touches. We asked for the master bathroom to have an “Asian-spa” feel, while the rest of the home tend to be more traditional. We also wanted the main entrance to be a library that invited you into the home. In a way you could describe our house as eclectic in style, but instead of a scattered sense, Marc designed it to have a fluid balance by incorporating colors and textures to take you from one room to the next. We feel very much at home. I have to say—when I walked into my finished library for the first time, I had tears because it was exactly what I had imagined for years, only better!


Even months after the home has been lived in and we have the typical random fixes, Marc is always there to take care of them. We highly recommend Marc Ekhause for his talent and his ethics.

Doug McCoy: Owner Janss Lumber Company

I have known Marc Ekhause for 20+ years. He is, in my opinion, one of the most creative builders in the area. Marc’s attention to detail and his total involvement on his customers projects is not often seen anymore. Marc truly lives for his customer’s needs and concerns while he is working on their project. Marc has amazing design ideas and has the talent to take them from paper to reality.

He articulates all aspects of the construction process to his customers, therefore reducing stress for all concerned. I would highly recommend Marc Ekhause Homes and Renovations for anyone who wants their builder to give them a beautiful home and an enjoyable building process.

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