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Marc Ekhause
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Mark Gillenwaters
Marc managed our whole-house renovation including completely gutting our kitchen and both bathrooms, and two bedrooms upstairs, as well as an exterior upgrade including siding, windows, a new deck, a new detached garage, and fresh paint and new columns and banister on our front porch. Marc was an amazing asset during this process for a multitude of reasons. First of all, Marc was with us literally every step of the way, and came by our house almost every weekday, spending long hours in the midst of some of the more intensive projects. He was easy to reach, and handled any problems immediately. He was straightforward and detail-oriented, always giving us clear expectations, and met them (or exceeded them!) in a timely manner. For this reason, even when we ran into odd problems related to working on such an old house, we felt confident…    
Marc is highly skilled as a carpenter, which saved us money because he handled installation and many wood-working projects personally. For instance, he rebuilt our privacy fence twice, after we added a garage and then the deck. He was quick to do this so our dogs could use the yard again as soon as possible. He did a lot of framing and was able to adjust things to fit into our not-totally-square 100 year old craftsman home. Marc is familiar with a multitude of materials and construction methods and helped us solve problems and meet our needs at every turn. I also caught him sweeping and cleaning up a lot!  Not only is he technically skilled, he is creative and has refined taste, guiding us through the sometimes painful process of shopping for tile, paint, and other fixtures and materials. His sense of design is impeccable. The deck has a beautiful vaulted ceiling. The kitchen was reworked to include a peninsula, a genius solution to utilize the space (I love to cook, so I am happy as a clam in there). He had the idea to take out a wall to combine two small barely functional bedrooms upstairs, to make a beautiful master suite, and was able to find a way to miraculously turn tiny closets into huge closets by utilizing attic space. Even the garage is gorgeous. He helped us negotiate pricing and scheduling a great deal, by turning on his signature charm and through his professional relationships from being in the business here in Springfield for over twenty years. Our house went from being very odd and outdated, and a hodge-podge of cheap fixes, to looking like something out of a magazine, yet totally functional and comfortable for us (with added insulation, an updated heating/cooling system, efficient appliances, heated floors in one bathroom, etc). I kinda wish we had more stuff to do on our house because we liked him so much! We grew to trust and care about Marc a lot!  He is reliable, trustworthy, artistic, and skilled. 




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